Catching Up: Reflections on White Supremacy + Protecting Whistleblowers

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I’ve fallen behind! I published two essays in recent months, one on white supremacy and hate violence in Portland, and the other on protecting whistleblowers.

I argue in The Washington Post that “we must acknowledge, condemn & combat white supremacy.” In The Guardian, I contend that “Trump’s war on transparency and the crack down under way in the White House means that whistleblowing, lawful disclosures intended to serve the public interest, are being chilled.”

Muslim Ban 2.0: Chilling Civil Society


Media reports suggest that the Trump administration is considering designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. This could spark a witch-hunt and lead to the targeting of Muslim American civil society through false “six degrees of separation” accusations. This could destroy reputations and chill lawful activity, including freedom of worship, association, expression, and charitable giving. I wrote about what many are calling Muslim Ban 2.0 in The Washington Post.

Quotidian Hate Violence

Chapel Hill Photo

I wrote an essay for USA Today on the recent hate violence in Tulsa, Oklahoma & Queens, New York. Bigotry and bias against Muslims, Arabs, Sikhs, and transgender Americans continues unabated. This piece reflects the latest developments in both cases, including the addition of a hate crime charge in Tulsa. Pictured above are Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. They were murdered in Chapel, North Carolina in February 2015.