Why Brazil Shouldn’t be Hosting the 2014 World Cup

Brazil Protests  Brazil-largest-protest-20-years_full_600

I published a column yesterday in USA Today on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  While I’m an avid soccer fan, I’m deeply concerned about the toll the mega-event is having on the Brazilian public.  The public price-tag for hosting the Cup is now estimated to be $13.5 billion, nearly double what was initially projected.  Moreover, tens of thousands of Brazilians have been forcibly evicted from their homes without fair notice and compensation to make way for glistening new stadiums — stadiums that will likely languish unused for years to come.  As I say in the piece:  The slogan for next year’s tournament is “Juntos num so ritmo” or “All In One Rhythm.”  But when the ball kicks off next summer, all signs point to a World Cup dancing to two different beats, one inside the stadium and one outside it.