Donald Trump Promised To Go After Leakers. Now He’s Doing Just That The Guardian (6/6/17)

Attacks Like Portland Will Keep Happening Unless We All Fight White Supremacy The Washington Post (5/29/17)

Calling The Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group Would Hurt All Muslim Americans The Washington Post (2/8/17)

Why Police Must Report Hate Crimes CNN (12/15/16)

What the Trump Camp Gets Wrong on Muslim Registry  CNN (11/18/16)

9/11 was 15 Years Ago. Why Do So Many Of Us Feel Less Safe?  The Guardian (9/8/16)

Hate Crime Laws Aren’t Strong Enough  USA Today (8/23/16)

Louisiana Draws Blue Line In Wrong Places  CNN (7/6/16)

The FBI Needs To Stop Spying on Muslim Americans  Politico Magazine (3/29/16)

Tough Road For Great Recession Victims  USA Today (3/17/16)

Stop The Treatment Industrial Complex  Politico (3/9/16)

Saudi Arabia Uses Terrorism As An Excuse For Human Rights Abuses  Al Jazeera America (12/3/15)

Don’t Target U.S. Muslims After Paris Attack  CNN (11/19/15)

Don’t Let Hate Crimes Persist In America  CNN (10/22/15)

Obama Misled The Public On Drones  Al Jazeera America (10/20/15)

Obama Says He Supports Ahmed Mohamed, But His Policies Don’t  The Washington Post (9/18/15)

The U.S. Should Rethink Its Relationship With Iran  Muftah & Counterpunch (7/20/15)

The Un-American Way To Tackle Extremism  CNN (7/14/15)

Protect Undocumented Workers Who Fight Abusive Employers  Al Jazeera America (6/12/15)

US Drone Complex Bureaucratizes Murder  Al Jazeera America (5/18/15)

US Joins Somalia & South Sudan in Failing to Support Child Rights   Al Jazeera America (11/20/14)

The U.S. Government Can Brand You a Terrorist Based on a Facebook Post  The Guardian (8/30/14)

A Chance To Limit Spying on Americans  CNN (8/15/14)

It’s Time to Close the Workplace Sexual Harassment Loophole  The Guardian (5/9/14)

Americans’ Complicity in the Prison Rape Crisis  Al Jazeera America (4/28/14)

Spying on Muslims is Legal?  CNN (2/26/14)

America’s waiters, barbers, and bellhops haven’t had a raise since 1991  The Guardian (2/13/14)

Incarceration Across State Lines  Al Jazeera America (2/12/14)

Child Pornography: Who Should Pay?  The Washington Post (1/24/14)

What Tent Cities Say About America  CNN (12/23/13)

To the TSA, A Sikh man is a target in a turban  The Washington Post (11/30/13)

Why Unequal Pay Persists  CNN (11/6/13)

Why is Brazil hosting 2014 World Cup?  USA Today (10/2/13)

Oak Creek: An act of home-grown terrorism  The Los Angeles Times (8/4/13)

The US and enemy prisoners post 9/11  Al Jazeera (5/15/13)

Immigration of unaccompanied minors on rise  Al Jazeera (4/24/13)

Equal Pay Day: Raising minimum wage will help women – and the economy  The Christian Science Monitor (4/9/13)

‘Gideon’ promise goes unfulfilled  USA Today (3/14/13)

President Obama: Protect LGBT workers through executive order  Al Jazeera (3/12/13)

Military contracting: our new era of corporate mercenaries  The Guardian (1/23/13)

Why U.S. needs to ratify women’s rights treaty  USA Today (1/6/13)

Fairness needed for pregnant workers  CNN (11/25/12)

Is our judiciary up for sale? USA Today (9/23/12)

Sikhs’ inclusiveness is lesson in fighting bigotry The Washington Post (8/8/12)

Strip Searching Americans Without Cause: A Blow to Personal Privacy The Huffington Post (6/6/12)

Don’t penalize asylum-seekers at US ports The Christian Science Monitor (6/5/12)

Don’t treat America’s homeless as criminals USA Today (2/14/12)

Four ways to relieve overcrowded prisons The Christian Science Monitor (12/29/11)

GPS tracking: Supreme Court must protect Americans from Orwellian control The Christian Science Monitor (11/22/11)

The Republic Of Sudan: Crisis Within The Huffington Post (9/1/11)

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